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We keep racing ahead to what lies before us – the tasks, the goals, the dreams. But in our race to get it all done, we forget about the ‘us’ that is doing it. Part cultural trend analysis, part wake-up call to our inner selves, part field guide to finding our way home – this book offers the skeptic and poet alike a raw, honest look, at how we cannot not just survive our world, but rediscover ourselves within it. How we can move beyond the life-sucking ‘Productivity-Efficiency-Accomplishment’ paradigm of success to find what makes us feel alive again. We need to create a margin for our spirits. Because when it comes to exploring the human mystery, conformity is the enemy of individuality. And so the form of the book is different. Empire offers a more intuitive, spontaneous experience allowing for serendipity and the wisdom of our inner GPS to guide us where we want to go.


“Publishing Empire of Disruption, was the perfect project,” says milk* CEO Joe Sequenzia. “To reinvent the publishing paradigm in a more intuitive, sensory-driven, non-linear form that mirrors the content was, well, awe-inspiring. It has been an incredible collaboration of innovative ideas and passionate people. The end result, I think, is a provocative comment on where we are right now as a culture.”


An offshoot of milk* Sono, an advertising agency (milksono.com), milk* Labs is its incubator of ideas. The imagination epicenter of its core. Its living, breathing, ever-evolving, transformative catalyst for new ideas. It is where milk* inspires each other and its’ clients to see the world differently – to engage in big thinking and the big picture. The driving question: why be limited by what we do now when possibility is everywhere. milk* Labs thrives on creative problem-solving, on asking questions that change the paradigm of the very thing they ask about.


Content Creator/ Writer


“The word within a word structure is really the perfect metaphor for the experience of this project – to be willing to look beyond what appears to be the obvious reality – to watch the words come alive from a photographic, design and technology perspective was deeply inspiring. Like after music, it is hard to imagine the baldness of plain lyrics.”


As Chief Creative Officer of milk* advertising agency, Kelly sets the vision for the agency and creates the culture that inspires it. In addition to her twenty-year advertising career at Saatchi & Saatchi, FCB, JWT, DDB and O&M, Kelly is a published poet/ essayist/ novelist, commissioned screenwriter and produced lyricist/singer. She has won awards from Cannes, Archive, Communications Art and New York Songwriters Circle. She holds a Master’s Degree in Poetry and Creative Nonfiction. In 2011 her team launched the Evolve the Conversation Salon Series (evolvetheconversation.com). A triple A-type Gemini with an addiction to running, dark chocolate and platform shoes, she is motivated by radical curiosity and bold new explorations. She lives with her husband, two sons and dogs in lower Connecticut. Her albums, books and other creative work can be viewed at her website: kellycoveny.com.




“In our profoundly complicated, noisy world, it is terribly easy to lose sight of what is important and ultimately brings happiness. This novel marriage of words and images, wrapped in a non traditional design, presents a powerful and thoughtful guide to recognizing the pitfalls which can easily capture us, and in so doing creates an awareness which is the first part of changing old behaviors. It is an honor to be included, and to see my photographs leveraged to such a worthy end. I hope they inspire meaningful reflection, paired as they are with powerful text.”


Russ has shot flying high above Mt. St. Michel in an ultra light for French Tourism, visiting remote caves in Australia to photograph newly discovered Aboriginal cave art, crisscrossing Patagonia for Argentina’s largest oil company, working the active flight deck of the USS America, helicoptering over the Caribbean and Teton properties of Rockresorts, documenting the Masai in a remote Rift Valley village, climbing Kilimanjaro for the Boston Globe, wading jungle pools in Borneo for Earthwatch, documenting Havana, covering Patriot Missile installations in Saudi Arabia after Desert Storm, crawling under 747s at Hong Kong Airport, shooting flowers for Vera Wang and capturing images of his son Sam growing up. His clients are as diverse as The Queen and Jay Leno. A decided New Englander, Russ lives in Boston but calls Vermont home. His archive can be viewed at www.schleipman.com