“I was so moved… Empire really touches the nerves of our age, one that’s blessed and cursed with so many good and bad things.

Kelly helps us all sort out the entanglement that complicates our life thrusting us into an all-seeing blindness, all-knowing ignorance. She guides us to truth and wisdom, not by empty words, but via her own life, a life so mindfully and poetically lived, a life that’s full of joy and sorrows all at the same time.

It’s through her prism, crystallized in this elegant volume, rendered by the soulful hand of a noted poetess that we get to see the rays of truth of our era. It’s honest book, truthful, and a powerful book: a revelation.”
Da Chen
New York Times bestselling Chinese author of Sounds of the River, Colors of the Mountain, Brothers, My Last Empress and others • Master Bamboo Flautist • International Keynote Speaker • Lawyer • Investment Banker
“This is wonderful, just keeps on giving the further (and farther) you go into it. The prose, poems, photos and graphics are really stunning. I’ll keep coming back to it.”
David Fitzpatrick
David Fitzpatrick Wally Lamb acclaimed author of Sharp • Noted Speaker • Voice of mental health suffering and healing
“Empire of Disruption has forever changed the way I think about the word connected. In a world where I can sometimes feel anything but, it inspires me through stories, poems and strategies to find my own circuitous journey to connectedness. Most importantly, it is starting a broader dialogue – polylogue in fact – about finding our individual home. I love the book and the e-format, which makes it easy to come back to often.”
Kristin Peck
EVP/ Worldwide Business Development & Innovation at Pfizer Inc. before joining animal health spin-off, Zoetis as EVP/ Group President • Mom • Author of Perserverance • Board member for ABC charity
“Kelly Coveny’s Empire of Disruption is one of the most unique books I’ve come across. Partly self-help, partly philosophical discussion, it is mostly a book about how we live our lives–and don’t–and the need to be more aware of how we could live our lives.”
Michael White
Award-winning Author of Soul Catcher, A Dream of Wolves, Beautiful Assassin, The Blind Side of the Heart • Professor
“Empire is a wild, playful, pioneer journey of discovery. There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Empire is redefining literature by deeply digitally integrating art, design and navigation creating and intuitive ing experience for readers. The words alone called me forward, evoked so many ideas and thoughts about who I am in this modern day world and who I want to be.

In her conversational, honest, engaging, ever-wise voice, Kelly calls on us to really think about what it means to be a human in relationship in today’s world, and she inspires us all to be more courageously creatively and consciously connected that we ever dreamed possible. I LOVE IT and spend time with Empire frequently throughout my days.”
Michael White
Award-winning Author of Soul Catcher, A Dream of Wolves, Beautiful Assassin, The Blind Side of the Heart • Professor
“Kelly Coveny’s Empire of Disruption rebels against convention, not only in pulsating content and heretofore unspoken wisdom, but as a new form of ebook, one that lets the reader access chapters in any order, each an episodic path leading to the place they belong.

I am reminded of Castaneda: “A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.”

Regardless how you travel through Empire of Disruption, linearly, randomly or hopscotching, it leads you to a place that has a heart. Not, the vacuous heart of petty-poets, but as Kelly writes,”… a fierce kind of courage (from the French coeur meaning heart) to let it all go—the very gravity of your reality—and begin, anew.” Kudos to Kelly, and a must read for all my friends.
Joe Carvalko
Professor • Engineer Inventor • Lawyer • Vietnam Veteran • Yale Speaker in Ethics and Technology • Author of The Techno-Human Shell, & We Were Once Beautiful
In our diligent attendance to what lies before us, we have sacrificed what lies within. We have unknowingly abbreviated the quality of our living to accommodate the quantity of our life. If, under a relatively flawless, well-balanced, highly functioning, gregarious façade, you experience dueling undercurrents of spiking anxiety, paralyzing fear, extreme irritability and plummeting sadness – this is the path to what lies within.

The pages ahead offer multiple ways to see, what we see, differently – a veritable toolkit of lenses to open the aperture of possibility; shedding new light on the magic embedded in our mundane, manic lives. Part cultural analysis, part wake-up call to our inner spirit, part scavenger hunt of self-discovery, Empireoffers a path out of the fast-paced-productivity-paradigm into the wide-open space where we begin again, to feel alive in our lives.